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Tattoo Handbags for Daring Women
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It’s no secret that we live in a materialistic world especially for women where branding is everything; from designer handbags to jewelries and from accessories but most of us  had our own choice to purchasing those items for ourselves. The question is do the design and styles we wear reflects our personality Or does the person in question genuinely feel that their personality is best represented by the Nike logo  after all, the slogan  “Just Do It” sounds pretty daring and devil-may-care! And the guy with the Lacoste crocodile or Ralph Lauren polo player on his chest? Maybe he really feels these designs best sum up his stylish existence.

Some brand tattoos do indicate a lifestyle take Harley Davidson, who own the dubious honour of being the most tattooed brand in the world. Maybe that’s more understandable as riding a Harley is a lifestyle choice, a hobby and says something about a person. But can the same be said for the Tatoo handbags.

What kind of handbags do you like best? To me, I would choose The Colorful Tattoo Handbag that comes up with unique tattoo designs like skull, black heart shape, red roses with torn, dagger with the snake around it and more which can attract.  This kind of handbag is a perfect one that suits me in any occasions with a zippered top opening and internal zippered side pocket. But it’s you to choose the best tattoo designs that fit you for an instance if you had tattoos in your body like a heart with dagger. Any stylish women who has no interest in Tattoo Handbags can try it now and I’m sure you will love the Colorful Tattoo or the oriental-inspired animal tattoo on the façade of the bag will help you stand out from the medium office gentlemen. Vernis exterior and ultra-luxurious texture have every reason to enhance your look.

So do you want tattoo handbags? What was your motivation for getting them? What are your thoughts regarding my opinions regarding tattoo handbags? And how do you feel about tattoos as fashion statements? Do you think they enhance or distract from a fashionable look?

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Trendy women and designer handbags
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The demands for the products keep on changing with time. Different trends are in practice for hand bags all over the world the handbags for women are available in different designs and colors for the women to make a choice. Black is the most used color for handbags and it is demanded more than any other color. Brown is the second favorite color. There is rarely a woman who can claim that she is not having a handbag of black color. Handbags are used by women for the purposes similar to wallet used by men.

There are many people, who share their things of this sort as there are women, who use the wallets instead of handbags and there are men who use the handbags instead of wallets. The general modes are unchanged as most men use wallets and most women use hand bags. The designers of hand bags are making new and unique designs on a daily basis in order to attract more and more people towards their products. Due to this reason to have a new and stylish hand bag for any occasion is a must for women as these bags are used for fashion purposes, as well.

The trends keep on changing in the fields of hand bags and there is a need to keep on updating the collection of one’s hand bags in order to remain updated with the external world. There are people, who are using the same hand bag for many years as they are satisfied with it and it is in a good condition to last for a long time and they do not care for the external world when they are satisfied. Trends keep on changing for the inner satisfaction of the users and they like to have a new design for them as early as it is introduced in the market.

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Get the latest Leather handbags
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Handbags are used all over the world for the safe custody of multiple things. Different materials are used for the production of hand bags. Leather is the most important and mostly used item for the production of hand bags. The handbags made with leather are durable and strong and these can last for a long time. Other items are also used for the production of bags, but these are not as mush durable as leather is. There are different shades and color available for bags of leather and the user can make a choice from a wide variety of options.

Many designs of bags are also available and different qualities are offered at different price ranges. In order to have a bag, which is good for safe storage of multiple items you must choose the one made with leather as it will last for a long time. The leather bags are a bit expensive as compared to other bags, but they are very good in quality and the user can enjoy many useful years of the bag life. It is also possible to use the bags of leather for many generations if proper care is taken for the bags.

Many dealers are available in the market for the purchase of the bags all over the world. It is also possible to have a leather bag of your choice on the internet. You can choose any bag on the internet and make an order for the delivery of the bag at your doorstep. Payment can be made online or on the receipt of your bag at your doorstep. Handbags are used for many occasions like picnic, shopping, travels and the like purposes for the safe custody of multiple items and to take them from one place to another easily. It is good to purchase the bag with a good handle and wheels so that it could slide on the floor reducing the amount of effort for carrying the bag.

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Designer inspired handbags
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Designer inspired handbags have been basically feeble reproduction of high-status designer bags. Such handbags detain the fundamental hardware plus pocket placement, color scheme, with designer goods body styles without brand names logo. So, such handbags aren’t replicas, but instead knockoffs of well-liked designer handbag style.

Several shoppers remain ignorant that an apparently kicky handbag purchased by them at an affordable price is in fact stimulated by seasonal runway goods of best designer label. Actually, various low-level designers stay to notice the arrival of big names such as Louis Vuitton plus Chanel prior to sketching out their personal seasonal goods.

Companies like banana republic or Ann Taylor are infamous to knock off the trends of high brand names. Even the mid-level designers such as Dooney & Bourke get often stimulated by the other designers.

High-fashion fans would simply identify the inspired designer handbags, by tracing the styles and colors of original designer. However, inspired designer handbags shows to average consumer; how greatly high designers influence have up the whole fashion industry.

While taking in account the extremely innovative environment of fashion world, it’s a surprise why some designer will wish to create designs, which are similar to the colleague designer label. Though, still fashion is a business, and flourishing business generally panders to the market demands. When replicating an already active best designer label, it is nearly certain that the designs would sell, particularly if your costs are considerably less compared to original style.

Various consumers do not care regarding the label they are buying, and, rather, select to concentrate on attainment of flamboyantly fashionable styles. The Hermes Birkin is the utmost knocked off and replicated products in handbag market. Actually, Hermes Kelly bag inspired the notorious celeb-toted Jelly Kelly. Imagine is the utmost exclusive and posh worldwide handbag name decreased to a line of omnipresent rubber bags. The high- level designers aren’t always pleased with their imitators.

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Designer alternative handbags
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Buying alternative designer handbags is a nice way to get pretty fashion-conscious styles. Not everybody may afford the designer labels. Therefore, designer alternative handbags have been the simply sensible answer to well-liked brand name bag.

Unluckily, the high fashion world is pretty carefree with the middle class workers trouble, and as the labor amount and expensive materials may actually increase the cost of Hermes Birkin, an ordinary working woman has huge trouble in spending 10,000 dollar expense for haute handbag. Instead, several comparatively minor-recognized companies draw from the power of New York plus Milan runways and produce pretty accessories inspired by styles.

The typical big boys of handbag fashion are always designers like:

  • Prada
  • Chanel
  • Fendi
  • Gucci
  • Dior
  • Louis Vuitton

They are huge designers and their distinctive styles are replica industry’s regular targets. The depressing reality of several designer produce is that the later are really brainy forged reproduction of brand name goods. These forged handbags are unlawful as they go against copyright laws. Furthermore, the work involved in the making of replica handbags is often corrupt.

Designer alternative handbags don’t fall in similar category as the designer replica handbags. Nowhere on the designer alternative handbag would the logo of familiar designer be depicted. Such handbags are only a pleasing nod to best designers since they try to detain the popular style essence and fit in that look in their personal design. Dooney & Bourke one time bang the magnificent multi-color monogram Louis Vuitton designs and emerged with the own “It” assortment featuring candy colored Dooney & Bourke monogram set alongside a black or white background. This “It” collection got inspired by the influential prestigious Louis Vuitton name, but aren’t replicas.

Several designer alternative handbags are making Hermes Birkin bag striking style and fun affordable for common worker. The utmost unforgettable designer alternative handbag is Jelly Kelly, a knock off of Hermes Birkin.

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Best leather handbags
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A Handbag is a close friend of the women. A high-end and appropriate leather handbag would definitely show your fashionable nature with taste.

A typical leather handbag of high-quality must be handmade and should be of premium leather. This gives brilliant image to your appearance and individuality. But be careful while selecting the size and shape of the handbag as it influences your personality.

In general the leather bags are outstanding and look eminent and imperial at the same time, thus they would ensemble in the city otherwise out of town. Designer leather handbags are the major fashion industry accessories currently.

Fashionable bags get used by the women as well as the teens to complete the fervent fashion magnificence idea. Fashion leather bags go brilliantly with the formal as well as casual dresses during every event. These stylish leather bags are available in many styles plus design according to the taste of buyers.

The fashion world plays an important function in culture, allowing individuals to make use of its essentials to upsurge and describe themselves. The designer leather bag is an imperative fashion accessory and presenting a scrupulous picture of one’s self in the world.

Just as the option of a meticulous handbag allows the person to describe themselves, the structure and shape of handbag is an added part to fit the proportions of woman’s body. It is necessary for a woman to get well-known with and recognize her body’s proportion since this helps in deciding the finest handbag to be selected.

The designer handbags are perfect for the teenagers desiring to show stylish & fashionable and even for a capable professional woman wanting to appear very urbane and niche.

The leather handbag dominates the fashion industry due to its ideal looks. They seem extremely stylish plus elegant. One may create large impression with these stylish designer leather bags.

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Different trendy of handbags
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Handbags are a requirement for women, simultaneously a fashion statement for completing their look. Owing to this, several handbags trends are present these days in local plus online stores both. Together the designer handbags with the replica handbags are thrashing at each other by alluring women regarding their original designs plus styles, although replica bags are much cheaper than the designer handbags.

Certainly, fashion purses are stylish. They are available in diverse solid colors, various prints, polished hardware and designs like jewels, tassels, patchworks plus other marked patterns. Some different handbags trends enjoyed by the women are discussed below.

Leather Tote Bags – They are available in large sizes, as well as medium sizes and may own a center stage due to its function and durability. They are adequately roomy to keep abundance of essentials while traveling or off to work. Leather totes vary from usual clean to slouchy plus classic lines and comes in a variety of colors.

Canvas Bags – Such types of bag is ideal for women having artistic taste in their accessories. They come in diverse vibrant colors plus prints. These are having a variety of handles like wooden, chunky and tall handles.

Clutch Bags – The Fashionable clutches are seductive and sophisticated, ideal for evening parties plus night outs. Clutches are available in a variety of prints, hardware plus vibrant colors. They also come in diverse combinations of color to suit the evening outfit.

Personalized Handbags – These days this kind is certainly a trend. During unique occasions where women are called to present prizes, personalized handbag is a best bet. It may be from small purses to large sized totes and toiletry bags.

Some of the fashion handbags seem to be astonishing that are generally found online. To have a fast and simple handbags shopping, online stores offers the best to shop for. From the designer handbags, beaded evening handbags, cosmetic bags, to replicas backpacks, etc. are extensively available online.

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How to spot a knock off from an original designer bag:
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No doubt the love for designer handbags in women won’t die ever and buying one is considered an investment rather than a normal purchase, deluding stores offer knock offs and exact replicas of these at a much lower cost than the original one.  Here are some tips on how to spot a fake designer handbag from the original one.

1. Run through the price tag. If one is a true blue designer fanatic it is expected that she should be well acquainted with the regular prices of designer handbags. Always keep in mind that designer handbags don’t come cheap. So if you are at a store and the attendant offers you a designer handbag at a very low price, then think twice before you decide on buying it.

Discounted price as when given will also not be that dirt cheap and it is impossible for a designer handbag to bear a price tag at rock bottom level. A designer handbag sold at one fourth of its usual price is worth the suspicion.

2. Fabric check. Normally the fabrics and materials used to manufacture these replicas are of low quality. The leather as it is termed won’t feel like leather at all; it would more be like plastic rigid instead of being supple. In addition, the inner fabric lining is not made of cotton; instead, it’s synthetic in nature.

3. Zipper. Quality zippers glide easily, but low quality zippers don’t. Low quality zippers are generally used by the most knock-offs, which is why it is hard to zip through it open and close.

4. Logos. While the designer handbag logos are often engraved in a steel-like material or plates. These plates are thick while plates used in fake designer handbags are thin and can be bent easily. The engravings are often blurry and normally misspelled. Authentic designer handbags also have logos printed on the inner lining which these replica’s won’t.

So don’t give into that temptation of buying these cheap knock offs and trust the original “be original buy original”.

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Handle these Handbags with care
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That designer tag, those exquisite designs and the heavy price logo; no matter handbags are mere accessories that helps you in carrying your things around or simply making you look good, the care that’s needed to make it durable is also a prime factor to be looked on.

Its quite common for a woman to be a master of one or more of these pricey slaves, but that doesn’t give them liberty to ignore any of these as any leniency in its care will ruin the appearance in no time. Some of the tips on taking care of them are:

1. Handbag Storage – When they have more than one bag, it’s in their nature to switch between the inventories available from time to time. So the other has to be stored in a proper place where it won’t get squished. Also, proper cover should be used for these handbags going to go into storage with plastic bag to keep any dust or foreign particles from wearing them out.

2. Handling it delicately – Manhandling or smacking these costly avatars against anything is just not the right way to its longevity because what you have is a designer handbag that costs a whole lot of money. Smacking it against something having sharp edges might rip that bag apart or it may even lead a stain on those handbags. So remember, you have to treat it with the utmost care and not like it’s just some ordinary bag.

3. Be Selective – carrying anything and everything in your designer handbag is simply a big NO. One has to be very careful and selective with just how many things that has to be put in that handbag. No matter how sturdy your handbag is, eventually it will be strained and will rip and tear. So unless you have an ample numbers of designer handbags, don’t over strain it.

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Welcome to The Hand Bags Stop
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Welcome to world of handbags. The market is filled with handbags. It is one of the most bought accessories by women. They buy handbags because it is a necessity, but while buying they make sure that it works as a fashion statement for them.


There are various brands in the field of manufacturing and distributing handbags. There is always some sort of competition between them. Each one of them wants to make to the top. The main reason for this is that the top brands are bought without much hassle and people believe the product sold by the big names and brands.

Here, in this blog we will focus our finding towards most of the top brands in the industry of making handbags. The more popular is the brand; more names are associated with them. In fact, most of the celebrities prefer to buy their handbags from the top brands. In fact, more popular is the celebrity, she will endorse the more popular brand. It basically works both ways. It is beneficial for celebrity as well as the brand.

Handbags are fashionable, stylish and elegant in their own way. However, they mainly depend on when you carry them, what outfit you wear with that handbag or what is the occasion? Here, in our blog we will help you to get information on all these facts. You can come over to our blog for any tip you want on top brands and designers in handbags.

Keep watching for lot more on handbags!

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