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CompSF Computer Repair helps connect people in San Francisco with technology in the easiest, most understandable way. We service home computers, provide business IT support and conduct office relocations.

Our certified computer repair experts will work one-on-one with you in a language you can understand. Customer satisfaction is our priority.


Computer Repair Services

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IT Services for Companies

microsoft CompSF is offering professional IT Services to companies of any size. We give world class service with a smile and at fair prices. Contact Us today for details.

Website Development

microsoft CompSF offers a professional website for your business. Our websites are beautiful and responsive - they work on any platform and screen size: mobile phones, tablets and computers.

News and Tips

Windows 7 CompSF news and tips about computer repair and technology: upgrading to windows 8.1, how to maintain clean virus - free computer, Microsoft news  ... Read More

Microsoft Certified Partner

microsoft CompSF’s professionals have a demonstrated level of technical expertise in computer repair and maintenance and the proven ability to deliver solutions for your home or business.

Company Profile

firefoxMore than anything, we primarily are responsible for our client satisfaction. Most of what we do is quite technically challenging, but we also have the good sense of understanding that some days even smart people like us have to crawl under desks to plug Ethernet cables back in.

Our computer repair technicians have the personality that people like to have around. It never hurt to have a sense of humor and a strong desire to help people.

We love technology, but it’s just one of our many interests. We understand that the difference between doing a ‘good’ job and ‘great’ job is in how we sweat the details. We like to meet new people, and we like to fix things we didn’t break. We can think of three metaphors or other ways to explain a complex technical concept to a layperson, and we naturally check in with them to make sure we haven’t lost them.

Dedication. Passion about our job and caring for ourr clients are qualities that don’t sound too squishy for us.

This means we are thoughtful and proactive and curious about what other people are doing and why. We are confident in our abilities to solve problems on our own, ask for help when we need it and do whatever it takes to get the job done.